The Fastest Growing Industries of the Future

The world is changing at such a pace that many of us are already working in jobs that didn’t even exist ten years ago or when we were at school. And the pace of development continues to quicken as new technologies, trends and opportunities emerge, meaning that today’s top ten growing industries bear little relation to the predictions made just a few years ago. Certainly for those willing to train, develop and flex their skills and abilities into growth markets the opportunities will be significant.

The Range of Opportunities
Whether you’re interested in managing correctional facilities or finding good hvac jobs (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), the new skills agenda requires great flexibility and a talent to learn fast and adapt. The ability to spot new opportunities and capitalise on them is also of prime importance to the investors and entrepreneurs of these new economies.

Top Technology Industries
In the future, VoIP jobs are like to grow rapidly, particularly with the advent of 4G and the huge increase in new subscribers to smart phones and wireless technology. Examples of jobs include systems analysts, technicians, engineers, technicians and many more.

E-commerce will also continue to grow, particularly in the field of online auctions. Statistics show huge growth in online sales in the past decade, vastly outperforming the majority of retail sales. Everything from solutions architects to designers, coders and client managers will be required to drive business forward.

Making video games is another already massive industry that is expected to keep growing as people will have more leisure time and need ways to fill it. Internet publishing is another growth sector as the old print newspapers slowly fade away in favour of immediate online news.

The Green Economy
This sector is growing at quite a pace and renewable energies are set to be the big thing of the future, with huge amounts of capital being sunk into renewables development. These positions are mainly on the engineering front, so whether you’re a civil, mechanical, chemical, technical or structural engineer, there will be jobs of interest. Project managers will also be in great demand.

Environmental consulting will also become hugely important, particularly for large corporates looking to improve their CSR agenda and raise positive PR through their environmentally sound practices. This is likely to be of great interest to biologists, scientists and climatologists, as well as compliance analysts and traditional consultants looking for a new career path.

Biotech is likely to grow, with the demand for medicines and other treatments burgeoning along with the growing and ageing population. The range of jobs in this field is huge and includes all the medical and scientific roles, along with the vast numbers of support and professional administrative staff required to manage and operate biotech and associated facilities and supply chains.

Legal and Insurance
Insurance claims adjusters are likely to be greatly in demand, particularly in the business sector, as businesses seek to hedge their liabilities and mitigate operational risks. At the same time, correctional facilities will continue to grow, particularly in the private-provision sector.

As ever, the opportunities are there for those that position themselves to capitalise on them – and the gains could be significant indeed. Better to align now to a growth sector, particularly for those with an entrepreneurial streak, rather than take a gamble on a dying or fading sector without the same opportunities for future growth.

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