On Online Contests : Part 1: Top Prizes I’ve Won So Far

In my last post back in April (oh my, it’s been that long?! :D) about making money online through online contests, I have laid out some facts, reminders and tips about participating in these promos. I also shared my success stories and some outtakes while joining some of the contests over the web. So, if you haven’t read that post yet, click here. I bet I can convince you that joining online contests is fun. Think of all the free stuff you’d get!

Joining online contests to win exciting prizes is one way to make money online

Now, if my post about how you can make money online from joining online giveaways didn’t influence you enough, I’m hoping that with my next posts about this topic, I’d be able to encourage you to jump in and participate too. I’d be telling you about my experiences in joining contests, including the frustrations of not winning or being cheated in the hopes that you’d be better educated when you do join contests. :)

By the way, before I start, do you know that there’s now a term to refer to online giveaway joiners?

Professional Contest Joiners

I can’t really consider myself as a professional contest joiner. This title is usually given to those who have a dedicated blog, Facebook, Twitter or email account for participating in online giveaways and really spend most of their time (and, sometimes, even money) and wide network to enter.

Some giveaway hosts though frown upon the practices of these professional contest joiners that’s why they have strict qualifications for the participants. They’re also usually the ones who have multiple, fake or spam Facebook or Twitter accounts.

I’m not a hater. I know how fun it is to win something so I understand why they do what they do. There are many giveaway hosts who do not allow them to join in their giveaways so they can ensure they provide quality exposure to their sponsors.


Online Contests Post Series

This will be a series of posts so I hope you stay tuned for the next parts:

  • Part 1 – This will focus on my most expensive prizes SO FAR. This will be updated from time-to-time. Read my stories about my experiences as well as I share tips on how you can increase your chances of winning.
  • Part 2 – Prizes that are priced Php 500 or lower and some that I didn’t bother or haven’t claimed or received yet. Will be updated too whenever I win something new.
  • Part 3 – Stories from my fellow online giveaway / contest joiners.
  • Part 4 – Hosting your own giveaway / contest where I’ll give tips on how to gather sponsors (especially when you’re just starting), and everything else you might need to know about holding contests, all based on my experience and some inputs from friends.

Without further ado, let’s start with my major winnings…


Part 1 – My Top Prizes

These prizes may range from gadgets to gift certificates from different online contests I’ve joined.

Nokia 5230 – DJ Mo Twister’s Twitter Giveaway

Nokia 5230 I won from DJ Mo Twister's Twitter giveaway

Me and a friend were avid blog and Twitter followers of DJ Mo Twister of Magic 89.9. When we saw him hosting a giveaway, I jumped right in. It was a daily giveaway for a month, I think.

After a couple of disappointments, I thought that possibly, if I blog about him and his giveaway, I’d get his attention. So, I did that and informed him through Twitter, not really expecting he’d notice ‘cause of the hundreds of participants.

Guess what… I won! :D Eerrr… okay, it might just be coincidence and I was actually picked at random, but still, I was ecstatic. Well, it was mainly because my old phone just gave up on me and it was the PERFECT timing that I won this new phone.

TIP: Yes, a little brown-nosing may help you win SOME contests / giveaways. Remember that whenever you write or prepare your contest entry. :)


Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband Stick – Yugatech

Glone Tattoo mobile broadband stick I won from Yugatech's giveaway

I love joining Yugatech’s contests because of all the geeky stuff he’s giving away. Prior to winning this Globe Tattoo broadband stick, I won prepaid load from their Merry Tweetmas giveaway.

This one cost Php 800+ when I won it back in April 2010. The mechanics were really easy so I actually didn’t expect to win, especially after I won just weeks before this win. I was feeling really lucky at that time.

I barely used this because Globe’s connection here in our area in Malabon sucks. I almost gave this away. Good thing my bro convinced me not to. I’ll use this when I start travelling again.



Nokia 5230 – F-Secure

Another Nokia 5230 phone I won from F-Secure's Video Hunt contest

Yes, I won ANOTHER Nokia 5230 a couple of months after I won my first from DJ Mo Twister. This time, it’s from F-Secure’s Video Hunt promo, I think. I can’t remember the name of their promo, but it was the most fun I’ve ever had.

What they did was they took videos at different places in the world. They will only show you famous landmarks or clues that may help you identify the place. It was a weekly thing and I NEVER expected to win.

I joined for a couple of weeks before I got lucky. It was the week of the Helsinki, Finland video. Thank goodness for Google and my researching skills, I answered it correctly. And I think, I was the only one from Southeast Asia who won. There were TONS of participants so Lady Luck was truly on my side.

TIP: Google is your best friend. Oh, and Wikipedia, too. :)

When I received this all the way from Finland, I had to pay customs tax of about Php 1,300. And since I already have an existing phone of the same model, I decided to sell this. The buyer, whose identity I don’t want to reveal, bought this for Php 10,000. So, it was like I got Php 8,700 cash as prize, eh?



Apple iPad – Sulit’s Blog Contest

Apple iPad I won in Sulit.com.ph's Blog Contest

This Apple iPad WiFi has got to be the most expensive prize I’ve won so far. I LOVE IT! I use it now to check on Twitter or whenever I feel like browsing websites while lying down, about to sleep.

How did I win this baby?! Well, it was through Sulit.com.ph’s blog contest in the last quarter of last year – define Sulitizen. Click here for my entry.

This win wouldn’t be possible without the support I got from all my friends, Sulitizens and bloggers who voted, campaigned and viral-posted for me. I even hosted a mini giveaway to get more viral posts for my entry. :)

TIP: Don’t be ashamed to ask for help from your friends and fellow contest joiners. Ask nicely for comments, “likes”, etc. But, PLEASE, don’t spam them.

When I got this, we checked at Greenhills and it’s being sold at Php 20,000. Nice, eh?



Fanny Serrano Professionals Hair Care Line – Animetric’s World

Complete set of Fanny Serrano Professionals Hair Care line as my prize from Animetric's World

Imagine my surprise when I got this huge and heavy paper bag filled with Fanny Serrano Professionals Hair Care line of products. I won this from Animetric’s World’s My Favorite Things giveaway.

I’ve been a long-time follower and reader of Rowena’s blog and it was only late last year that I started joining her giveaways. Her prizes are a mix of beauty products, gift certificates, and her favorite things. So I suggest you stay tuned too as she always has a giveaway for her readers.

This prize actually came with a YKK gift voucher that I haven’t used yet. I hope I’d be able to dine in and use that voucher before the year ends.



Php 1,500 Pizza Hut Gift Certificates

Php 1,500 gift certificates from Pizza Hut's Facebook promo

Gift certificates from restaurants are my most favorite prizes. But, I also make sure they’d be shipping the prizes to me or the amount is high enough to compensate for transportation expenses it’ll cost me to claim them.

I won these gift certificates when Pizza Hut launched their Lechon Pizza. It was a photo tagging contest and I luckily was picked amongst hundreds of participants.

The thing is I almost didn’t win ‘cause one of my friends who were tagged in the photo REMOVED or untagged herself 2 days before the raffle draw. Good thing I checked and verified again. *phew*

TIP: When you’re joining Facebook photo tagging contests, make sure you only tag people on your list who’d be willing to let that tag stick at least ‘til the end of the giveaway. I now only tag people who also enjoy joining contests because I know they won’t un-tag themselves like other people on my list. Also, it won’t hurt asking your tagged friends NICELY.

By the way, I was supposed to claim these at one of their offices. But, since I didn’t have an assistant yet back then, I requested if they can ship it over to my house. And, they did! I’m so thankful!

TIP: If you’ll have trouble picking up or claiming your prizes at the giveaway host’s designated office / branch, try to request if they can ship it to your home instead. Out of the 4 times I requested, 3 times they obliged. :)


So far, those are the more expensive prizes I’ve won from joining online giveaways. I’ve seen other people with higher valued prizes like LCD TVs and laptops. That’s why I’m vowing to exert more effort on my contest entries for better chances of winning next time.

How about you? What are the most expensive prizes you’ve ever won? Share them at the comments section.

If you have a blog post about your winnings, leave the direct URL below, too so I can link you up in the 3rd part of this post.

Stay tuned for the next part of this post – my prizes that are worth Php 500 and below, the ones I didn’t bother claiming and some that weren’t even awarded to me or I haven’t used yet.

10 Responses to On Online Contests : Part 1: Top Prizes I’ve Won So Far

  1. [...] first one ‘cause it was already broken. This is the one I’m using now, and I even got it as a prize from a Twitter giveaway (oh and I won another one from an international giveaway) – my Nokia [...]

  2. Badet says:

    I’ve never been lucky in raffles. But I got surprised when I won an Ipod Nano from Technoodling. That’s about it =)

  3. Andami! Winning giveaways is pure luck especially when you talk about random drawing. I join giveaways to increase visits to my blog. Icing nalang yung manalo ka. I’ve won several Etsy giveaways but nothing like yours. Hindi pako sinuswerte sa mga gadgets.

  4. Mel Cole says:

    wow,congrats! never won that grand prizes you got. Galing!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lucky you sis :) i am beginning to exert effort in joining contests but i do it one at a time only due to hectic schedules, time runs so fast when i am infront of my laptop, so many things to do yet so little time :(

  6. Hi Mel, the biggest prize I won via online contest is an all-expense paid trip for 2 to Las Vegas (hotel and airfare) for 4D/3N but my wife and I decided to forfeit it because we can’t bring our son hehe… the same reason we forfeited our all-expense paid trip to Boracay prize last year.. so ngayon, nagdadalawang isip na ko sumasali sa mga contest na trips and premyo… but at least sarap ng feeling na you won in a contest… bragging rights na lang ang for keeps :-)

  7. jared's mum says:

    wow, you are one lucky online contest joiner sis Mhel, i wish I can be as lucky as you are! hmm, let me think I guess the most expensive I’ve ever won was P2,000 worth of Big & Small Co. GC’s which I used to buy stuffs for my little man :)

  8. mai says:

    Hi, Mhel. I’ve been winning a lot lately. It maybe because I’ve been joining a lot lately, haha. The latest that I won is domain and hosting from Mommy Rubz, Sqwishland toys from Kaye Mendez’ giveaway, and special Prize from Levytate contest of Levy Martinez. I even got a 1K GC from the Coffee Survey posted by Rowena of Animetric’s World. All in one month’s time. So tip, the more you join, the more chances of winning :) Joining contests is really fun, joining is also a way to support fellow bloggers. Thanks for this post! Wishing you more blessings too!

  9. ruthilicious says:

    Good for you Mhel! I have joined and won from a lot of online contests. I just cannot find time to blog about them and share to my readers!

    Sooo many contests, so little time. Now I only join the ones with prizes I really looove! Hehe

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