My Neobux Tips and Strategy Guide – Introduction to Referral Management in Neobux – What You Need to Know First

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As promised, here is the first part of my tips and strategies in referral management and maximizing my earnings in Neobux, the number 1 PTC site to-date. I will be breaking down my Neobux tips and strategies in managing referrals into different categories/topics just to keep everything organized.

These articles will be a bit wordy for some people, but I’ll be using images to further illustrate what I’m explaining. I just want to be clear that all these Neobux tips and strategies are based on my experience as a Neobux member. That’s why I can be a bit narrative in some parts.

So, here’s the breakdown or the parts of this Neobux guide:

  1. Introduction to my Neobux tips and strategies.
    Some things you must know first about my membership and basics of referral management in Neobux. Also, introduction to Neobux referral management and what you need to know before you even start renting or getting referrals. All the basics on referral management, I’ll try to cover here.

  2. My tips and strategy guide for starting up as a Neobux Standard member, with or without plans of upgrading.
    These tips are based on what I did as a Standard member. I made some mistakes during those times that I hope you all can learn from. This part of the guide will also focus on Standard members who are planning on upgrading their account. I will share tips in preparation for your upgrade to Golden.
  3. My tips and strategy guide for Golden members
    This is the final part of the guide where I share with you how I manage my referrals presently and how I maximize my earnings from them while still investing for recycling and renting.
  4. Summary / Recap
    I will put all tips together here to sum it all up, like a review.



I started as a Neobux member back in 2008. As I know that I needed to refer people so I can earn more, I started my blog, PTC Site Reviews. I managed to gain about 40+ direct referrals through that blog before I finally decided to upgrade my Neobux account.

Here are a few details about my Neobux membership, as of October 24, 2010:

  • I am currently a Neobux Golden member. I upgraded in February 2010 and paid $90.00 for the Golden membership.

    Below is a screenshot of my Neobux Golden membership’s expiration: 02/08/2011

    My Neobux Golden membership expiration - 

  • As of this writing, I have 96 Neobux direct referrals.

    I actually managed to gain 100+ direct referrals, but, some of them stopped clicking so they all were automatically deactivated by Neobux. Some might have been suspended. I am getting new referrals daily and I’m hoping they’ll be all active and stay honest so they’ll continue helping me make more money online with Neobux.

    Click here to read my tips and guide on how I gain direct referrals for my money making sites. I will be updating this article real soon so keep posted!

  • I currently have 207 rented referrals and I have no plans of renting more (yet).

    My Neobux Rented Referrals - 

  • I only got 4 ads daily when I was still a Standard member and 9 ads daily now that I’m a Golden member – this is the default number of ads available for each membership.


Most of my tips on this strategy guide will focus on referral management in Neobux as this has been the concern of most Neobux members. But, I will also provide general tips all throughout the articles.

As much as possible, I won’t use a lot of complicated computations that can confuse you. I am writing and sharing my Neobux tips and strategies for NEWBIES or those who are not that familiar yet with Paid to Click sites. But, along the way, I’ll be using a little (I promise) Math just to show you what I mean.

I will also be sharing with you the Excel spreadsheet I use so you can monitor your investments in Neobux. That way, you’ll know if you’re close to getting your investments back or you’re already losing a lot of money. It’s a very simple Excel spreadsheet – just so you know how much more you need to earn back before you can say you’re already earning profits from Neobux.


I am not claiming that these Neobux tips and strategies will work for everyone simply because we’ve got different online hours, habits, and schedules so please make sure you consider all that before you follow my tips.

All my tips that you will read on this multi-part Neobux strategy guide WORKED and is still working for ME.

If you follow any of my tips and observed that your earnings are not improving or is actually decreasing compared to how much you were making before, then, by all means, go back to your old strategy.


NEXT: Introduction to Neobux Referral Management

(Stay tuned!)

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  1. Mimi says:

    Where is the update for this, I can’t find it? I use Neobux & a few other sites. Thanks!

  2. EihdraG says:

    At last, the long awaited tips for Neobux. I hope by next year, I’d be able to upgrade to Golden. But I’m kinda contemplating coz it’s a huge amount for me. But if I can get it back in a month’s time, it’s worth the risk. Though renting that many refs will burn a much bigger hole in my Paypal account,lol…

    • melves901 says:

      Same here EihdraG, I’m waiting for this tips. I been a member since 2010/10/06 in neobux and i’m rotating earnings to rent referrals and planning to upgrade to doubled my earn but I heard some gurus that you much first rent up to 300 referrals before to upgrade so I’m changing my plan and want to rent up to 300 before upgrading. As of now I have 100 rented referrals and not yet added more cause its hard to find good clickers. So I will wait your tips then so I could manage more of my rented referrals.

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