PTC Sites for Dummies – A Newbie Guide

After you’ve joined a couple or all of my Recommended PTC Sites, here’s a quick Newbie guide to help you in navigating certain PTC sites.

Quick Guide:
1. Look for the Paid Ads or View Ads link.
2. Click on the links one at a time. A new window will popup on every ad you click.
3. Wait for the timer or the anti-cheater instruction on the top and follow it.
4. After it gives you a Check mark, Okay or Done, close that new window and go back to the list of ads and click on another ad.
5. Once you reach the minimum amount for withdrawal/payout, you can withdraw your money to your Paypal or Alertpay account or invest it on other PTC sites.

Guide to AURORA PTC Sites
(TheClickers PTC, Cash-Harvest, VelvetClicks, Egyptian Clicks, CashSwing)

1. Turn on Paid Emails.
Most of these PTC sites offer Paid Emails so we need to make sure we have that setting turned on. It’s also one way for you to earn from these sites. Here’s how to enable it:

a. Once you’re logged in, click on Preferences on the menu (most of the time, it’s on the left side). If you can’t see it, look for and click on My Account link.

b. You’ll see options on the right, including Paid Emails. Default setting for this is it’s turned off so simply click on Turn ON.

2. Where to find the Paid Ads?
Click on the link Earnings Area. It will list all offers from the site where you can earn money from.

Here’s an example from Cash-Harvest:

As you can see, you can earn from clicking on links, surf links/sites, read ads, signing up, click exchange (every visit you make, you earn 1 advertising credit or visit which you can use to advertise your blog/website) and by promoting their site.
Simply click on all those links to maximize your earnings daily.

3. How much will you earn for each Ad or Link you view/click?
For Aurora sites, they have ads that earn you up to $0.01 per click or view – usually, $0.001 or even less. However, most of the time, you’ll see links that will only earn you points that you can exchange for traffic to your site or ad credits to the PTC site.

Here’s an example from CashSwing:

On the Earning column, that’s what you’ll earn when you’re done clicking and viewing the specified ads.

4. How to Withdraw?
Go to My Account and click on Withdraw. There it will show you the minimum payout balance you should have before you can withdraw. Also, it will show you the processing fee (if applicable) when you withdraw.

Guide to BUX PTC Sites
NeoBux, PalmBux, BuxGS, Bux-Matrix

1. Where to find the Ads?

NeoBux: Once you’re logged in, click on the View Advertisements link on the upper right of the site. It will show you the # of ads available for you to click.

PalmBux: Click on View Ads on the top menu bar.

BuxGS: Click on SURF on the top menu bar.

Bux-Matrix: Click on Browse Ads on the top menu.

2. How to Rent Referrals or Upgrade your Account?

Click on your login name or username on the top right part of the screen. It will show you your account details page. Under your username, you’ll see these buttons:

Just hover your mouse on each of them to know where they lead to. *grin*

Click on Purchase on the lower menu. There you’ll see Rent Referrals and Upgrade links.

Click on Buy/Rent Refs on the upper menu. To Upgrade, click on the Upgrade button just below that.

On the Ads page, click on your username on the top part of the page to go to your account details page. There you’ll see the link to upgrade your account or to rent referrals.

My other recommended PTC sites that weren’t mentioned here have pretty much the same navigation menu or sections so it’s going to be easy for you to access the Paid Ads, where to upgrade or rent referrals. If you have questions, please post a comment here and I’ll get to you as soon as I can.

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