My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions Towards Financial Freedom

Saving moneyWe’re getting closer and closer to the holidays and that could only mean one thing – it’s that time again for gift-giving and coming up with a list of resolutions for the New Year that always seem to be broken promises every year. :D

Because I want to be committed to my goal towards financial freedom by January 1st, I’m coming up with my 2014 New Year’s resolutions as early as now. This time, I want to focus more on personal finance because, let’s face it, I’m turning a year older in a few days and I need to take my future more seriously. I have set a goal as early as the first week of October and, this time, I told myself 2014 is the year when I will finally start saving up for my retirement fund.

At times like this, I wish our mother taught us how to manage our money more wisely when we were little. But, I shouldn’t be crying over spilt milk. I need to take responsibility. I know there are online title loans I can take advantage of, but for now, I prefer to manage my money, and time, well.


My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Financial Freedom


I’m only allowed one gadget purchase next year.

I’m not really a spender when it comes to gadgets as I prefer to buy a high-end device that I know I can use for a longer period of time. I don’t get all gaga over upgrades, so I’m guessing this resolution will be pretty easy.


I have to lower my expenses on food trips.

Since I’m a food blogger and dining out with friends and my family has been a part of my lifestyle since I was young, our food trips are listed as my top expenses almost on a monthly basis. Instead, I want to focus on cooking more at home. I’ll also set a minimum of one major food trip per quarter.

Potatoes cooked in molasses at Van Gogh is Bipolar

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Money Saving Tips on Wedding Dress Shopping

Weddings have always been most celebrated and well-planned because of the significance of the ceremonies to the family and the couple bound to be married. Planning for a wedding can entail a lot of time and resources, most especially because of all the expenses that come with it.

For most couples, they want to ensure that their families and friends are treated well during the reception so everyone is in the mood for a celebration. These couples are usually more flexible when it comes to the money they spend on shopping for wedding dresses, believe it or not, so they can focus all their resources on the reception and the honeymoon.

A gorgeous wedding dress

If you are a bride to be, there are many ways you can save on wedding dress shopping so you can allot more resources to other moving parts of your wedding.

For instance, if you have a few months to wait before your wedding day, plan ahead of time. Browse magazines, websites and online stores like early on. This way, you have all the time to canvass for the best prices you can take advantage of.

DressFirm UK is one of the must-visit online stores for brides to be because they offer notable discounts for quality wedding dresses that fit any bride’s preference. Surely, you will find a beautiful dress that would be perfect for you at almost half the price.

If you’re a practical bride-to-be and you prefer to save or spend your money after the wedding instead on just one day, then be sure to do your research so you know your options. With the amount of choices you have out there for high quality dresses, like those at DressFirm UK, you don’t have to settle for anything pricey when you can get the same quality at a more reasonable price.

Get Your News – And Your Masters in Mass Communication – Online

While advertising is certainly important, those who study to get a masters in mass communication don’t always enter this field. International public relations schemes and intercultural communication programs are often equally as important as advertising. Since intercultural communication can encourage the growth of international business, some companies actually look at this as more important than global brand management.

Traditionally, this sort of mass communications was done through international newspapers among other methods. People would get together a message that they wanted to convey and then sent it out as a special type of press release or print ad. It would then get published in foreign newspapers directly aimed at an international clientele.

Online News

The readership of many of these publications is waning, which mirrors the newspaper industry in general. Mass communications students are starting to look at web portals as a way of making up for the loss in readership when it comes to intercultural communications. They’re also increasingly looking to online programs like those offered at to help them train for careers in the field.

Online education is often helpful when it comes to working with Web portals. People who used to communicate through their newspapers often still appreciate the brand image that the paper’s name provides. As a result they’ve often transitioned to Internet sites provided by the same services. In many cases, content provided by these sites is free to end-users.

As a result, mass communications projects are looking at them as a way to reach a new audience. International publications were always a niche in the industry, and that niche has largely migrated online. Classes taught at online universities are showing that international newspapers and broadcasters are now more accessible to even those who previously weren’t aware of their existence as a result of the Internet.

International broadcasters are an interesting type of organization because they now have more ways to get television content to viewers. World band radio is also still quite important. In both cases, users are turning to the Internet as well to receive the same type of mass communication that they would have received through traditional outlets.

In any of these situations, employers are turning to those who have online training. They figure that by working with technology, students have already become capable of working with modern informational networks. Those who have these skills might end up gaining an edge up on the competition when it comes to hiring policies.

Should You Get Your MBA Degree Online?

The distance between a working professional and a business leader is measured — and closed — in degrees, particularly a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. This graduate level college degree allows business professionals to advance their careers in several different ways.

A master’s degree in business administration teaches people how to think critically and strategically. It improves the creative thinking process and problem-solving skills. An MBA expands the managerial and leadership skills of working professionals. It creates a solid foundation on which to build a prosperous business career.

Get your MBA Online

Many schools train leaders through online MBA programs that waive the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Marylhurst University near Portland, Oregon, represents one of many schools that offer online MBA programs no GMAT required. This small Catholic college is a national leader in distance learning, but many other schools offer comparable degree programs.

Students who pursue an online education can earn their MBA in less than two years with an accelerated learning program. A full 100-percent of their education is delivered online. Many people complete their master’s degree on a flexible schedule that balances their personal and professional duties. With the GMAT waived for qualified applicants, students can pursue a graduate degree on their own terms.

An MBA is more than a generic business degree. People who take this educational path have the option to specialize in a business-related area. Marketing, finance, non-profit management and general management are common MBA concentrations. The elective courses enhance undergraduate studies and expand the influence of business professionals.

Schools like Marylhurst University offer several different MBA degrees depending on a student’s focus and interests. An MBA in Health Care Management and an MBA in Real Estate are two examples. “Green collar” careers that focus on renewable energies and sustainable practices benefit from an MBA in Sustainable Business.

Most MBA programs are accredited by external bodies with independent views on quality standards. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) are the major main accrediting bodies in the United States.

Why Buy a Domain Name?

The web is the yellow pages of the future and the future is now. In fact, Network Solutions began the future back in 1979 when it was founded by Emmit J. McHenry. As our technological world has evolved so has Network Solutions. They have the skills and the know-how to get your business online fast.

Domain names are your signature online

Millions search the Web every day. They can’t find you if you do not have a Web address, or domain name. That domain name is your signature- it is how customers will find you. If you don’t have a domain name then there is no time like the present- the immediate present. The quicker you get online the quicker your name will get out there and the quicker your business will increase. Our professionals are ready to help you every step of the way. We have 24/7 customer service representatives ready to go the extra mile to get you established.

The first step is to get a domain name registered and secured. You can get started promoting your business today even if you aren’t ready yet to build an intricate website. When you buy a domain at your “nsWebAddress™” includes an Instant Web Page for immediate exposure. When you are ready, you can add more elaborate details and functions to your Web Page.

You don’t have to be anxious about where to start or how to proceed. Hints like remembering to protect your personal information when registering a domain is standard advice from Network Solutions. Hesitate no longer! Your business deserves a domain!